Prospects for the development of online casinos

4 min readDec 24, 2020

Despite a vast range of innovations in online casinos, this niche still has much to develop. The last decade was characterized by the advent of mobile gameplay, live dealer titles, and progressive jackpots. Still, the future of gambling is even more intriguing. It is no surprise that the leading online casinos cooperate with national regulators and gaming providers to offer top-notch experiences for their users. Below, you will find some of the prospects for the online gambling industry’s growth and development. Be sure to take a look at some of the most prospective technologies that are likely to appear in online casinos, as follows.

Popularization of Blockchain

Blockchain is a promising technology that can revolutionize gambling once and forever. On some occasions, particular gambling websites are experimenting with the support of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These decentralized payment methods guarantee the absolute safety of transactions, making them so preferred by some customers. Bear in mind that blockchain is a technology, which gambling websites can utilize variously.

Except for its use for financial operations, blockchain can be implemented to maintain a casino’s activity. Such an approach ensures excellent safety for all users, ensuring that all payouts are safe and transparent. Bear in mind that further popularization of blockchain might also mean a renewed approach to safety. In other words, the more this technology is adopted, the fewer gamblers would think about their financial or personal information’s security.

Virtual Reality

It is no surprise that live dealer games once shook the gambling industry. These titles started offering the good-old casino atmosphere, while customers could be located anywhere across the globe. Yet another promising technology that most gamblers expect to appear is virtual reality. Please note that virtual reality can theoretically rely upon the construction of virtual land-based venues. This way, customers could see the halls with dozens of casino games for all their tastes and preferences.

Don’t forget that VR technologies are still developing alongside the gambling industry. Even though it is still unclear whether they could produce fascinating imagery of a land-based casino, these tools and devices have much potential. For that sole reason, the emergence and further popularization of VR in gambling is a much-expected event, which would surely change the industry for the better.

Possible Reunion of Betting and Gambling

Like it or not, but betting and gambling platforms often operate hand-by-hand. While the former sites offer customers varied betting options, the latter platforms are responsible for top-notch gameplay experiences. In the foreseeable future, more websites are expected to merge these two options on a single platform. Even though a particular casino in Ontario already combines such opportunities, they offer outstanding mobile gambling options. When it comes to the prospects, more websites are expected to combine gambling and betting activities. Please note that such actions are mostly done to allow users to incorporate their hobbies without swapping between websites. After all, a possible merger of such services would be a decent event for all passionate concurrent bettors and gamblers.

Mobile Growth

Believe it; most players are already fond of playing from mobile devices than from personal computers. Even though mobile technologies have already been introduced, they still carry much potential. Right now, all players can enjoy online casino games or even live dealer titles from their gadgets, including smartphones and tablets. Even though you should find a decent online casino in Ontario (reviews can help you with this) to enjoy such endeavours, they are now widespread. As for the prospects of development, further popularization is expected.

As for the more specific additions to the already engaging mobile gameplay, one should remember gaming catalogues. Even though most online casinos already have hundreds of games to offer, not all titles are optimized for mobile access. One of the possible solutions is to introduce backward compatibility technologies. These tools have already been present in the video game industry for years.

Mobile platforms could make the most of them re-release some iconic table games and slot machines for mobile devices. Another possible prospect for the mobile gambling industry is to update the existing games. Some of such titles deserve a graphic update, which would make the online gameplay experience even more fascinating.


Even though mobile gambling is still developing, it undoubtedly has multiple developmental prospects. Your favourite casino in Ontario featuring mobile gaming will likely introduce some of the mentioned features shortly. Speaking of the most significant additions, one should remember mobile growth, VR technologies, and blockchain technology. What is more, mobile casinos will try to combine betting and gambling endeavours with being easily accessed from your phone. Since the industry still has much to introduce, ranging from graphic changes to usability adjustments. Let’s track what the mobile niche has to offer, paying the most attention to the mentioned changes.